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Artistry of Life: A conversation between Shane Parish and Wendy Eisenberg

Listen to these veritable masters of guitar in freewheeling conversation, ranging from guitar pedagogy to Anthony Braxton to Bruce Lee. Check below for a list of references to some of the things mentioned throughout this fascinating exchange.

Thanks to Wendy and Shane for their consideration of my transcription abilities. I am shitty at transcribing, so I just highlighted some of the concepts referenced throughout.

Way Haul Away available now on cassette, for digital download, and streaming everywhere!


interview w/ Chris Weisman about "Nonmusical Patterns and their Musical Uses"

Shane's 2016 record for John Zorn's Tzadik, 'Undertaker Please Drive Slow'

Eduardo Fernandez's Technique, Mechanism, and Learning

Bruce Lee's Jeet Kune Do

Fireside Book of Folk Songs

Wendy Eisenberg's "'A Bunch of Riffs': Language, Post-Modernity, and the Politics of Inclusion in Improvised Music"

The Mahavishnu Orchestra - The Inter Mounting Flame

Yngwie Malmsteen "More is More"

Shane's foundational genre-bending band Ahleuchatistas

Shane's piece 'Leicester Highway,' released on Tompkin's Square, curated by Ryley Walker

Shane performing Eric Slick's Etudes

George Van Eps "Harmonic Mechanisms"

Bruce Lee's "Artist of Life"

Wendy and Shane's 2019 collaborative release 'Nervous Systems,' released on Verses Records


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