Dear Life Records is a record label founded by Michael Cormier-O'Leary (Friendship, Hour) and co-run with Frank Meadows (Tomberlin, Bellows, Fust, Colamo, MAW) and Jon Samuels (2nd Grade, Friendship, JR Samuels).


yr friends since 2019


General inquiries: info (AT) dearliferecs (DOT) com

Orders/Customer Service: orders (AT) dearliferecs (DOT) com

Michael: mcormier (AT) dearliferecs (DOT) com

Frank: fmeadows (AT) dearliferecs (DOT) com

Jon: jsamuels (AT) dearliferecs (DOT) com



The Business in Anacortes, WA


Juno Records


Tobira Records in Kasai, JP

Worldwide (Select Releases)

Redeye Worldwide

Sync Inquiries:

Terrorbird Media syncteam@terrorbird.com

demo policy: we are happy to listen to anything you want to send us,

but we aren't able to add artists to the roster at this time