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Formed in 2017, Hour interlaces atmospheric ambience with thoughtful melodies that drift through contemplative tension narrated by guitars, synths, strings and percussion.


Released in February 2018 on Sleeper Records, debut LP 'Tiny Houses' explores the cracks and crevices of the spaces we occupy and call home. Each song balances the transcendence and claustrophobia that can come with sharing those spaces with others, and the decision, both liberating and painful, to leave and start the process over again.


By November 2018, the band followed up 'Tiny Houses' with their Lily Tapes and Discs debut 'Anemone Red.' Named in reference to the flower that grew from a mixture of blood and tears in the Greek myth of Aphrodite and Adonis, Anemone Red is a meditation on the colors and moods that rise between shared lives, and in the wake of doubt and loss. Its phrases hover and shine like dust particles, glowing in a patch of light refracted through an attic window at dusk. Each track brushes slowly at the outline of an unknowable story, flipping through curled, faded memories, stirring up a deep longing for someone you never truly met, if at all.

Hour members are Michael Cormier– guitar & songwriting, Jason Calhoun – synth/violin, Abi Reimold - guitar, Pete Gill - drums, Evangeline Krajewski - synth, Matt Fox  - viola, and Evan McGonagill - cello.

Cormier, Gill, and Krajewski are members of the band Friendship. Abi Reimold is a fantastic songwriter, vocalist, and guitarist and releases music under their own name. Jason Calhoun releases stirring and emotive ambient music under the moniker Naps. Evan McGonagill plays cello in On the Water.

releases on DLR:

DLR BTL 001: Hour @ Boot and Saddle 12/7/2019

photo by Bob Sweeney

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