Courtney and Brad


Photo by Mel Taing

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Longtime friends and collaborators Courtney Swain (Bent Knee) and Bradford Krieger (Big Nice Studio) booked a recording session with nothing planned out. They had previously worked together on various projects, but had never co-written together.  When they started playing and recording, they decided to radically commit to improvised parts and build arrangements in one-take performances. In the studio, they felt free to explore, not limiting themselves or each other, and found the process fun and effortless: no song took more than a couple hours from conception to finished product. 


Drawing on influences ranging from Japanese folk and pop to slowcore, deep house, and d-beat, Courtney and Brad’s 'Our First EP' is a grab bag of experimental pop music.  They write songs that are playful, texturally engaging, and covertly emotional. The EP is Courtney’s first release in Japanese.

Releases on DLR:

DLRDG 004 - Our First EP