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Dan Wriggins

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photo by Jeff Berkowitz 

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Prince of Grass is the debut poetry collection from Dan Wriggins, songwriter and frontman of the band Friendship. Loving and absurd, Wriggins’ poems are overflowing cauldrons of metaphor, always inviting, always in motion.

For fans of James Tate, C.D. Wright, David Berman, and pie for breakfast.

Dan Wriggins is a writer and musician from Maine. He records and tours solo and with the band Friendship. His debut poetry collection, Prince of Grass, is coming in July of 2024 from Dear Life Records. He lives in Philadelphia with his dog, Roy.

“Deft, deadpan, dystopian poems... shrink-wrapped surrealist novels. Wriggins has captured our dissociative moment's sense of overwhelm, its blitzkrieg of product placement and tech engulfment, its hailstorm of contradiction and paradox, its alienation and even its inverted longings and hopes ‘to have no faith and be proven wrong.’"

—Amy Gerstler

"Prince of Grass inhabits a teeming Boschian cosmos of vertiginous wit and spectacular detail. Among its unforgettable residents are a talking cruise ship named Carnival Ecstasy, ‘a painter of fine bogs,’ a gamerchair scarab, and ‘an unlisted ingredient in the shoplifted / three-cheese pizza with an ‘I Voted’ / sticker slapped on the box.’ ‘Is the fabric stretchy enough?’ asks one of this world’s spirits. Emphatically yes. The elastic intelligence of Wriggins’ debut weaves its own ingenious blend of humor, sorrow, moxie, and unearthly delights."

—Margaret Ross

“I once spent a few nights with Dan in a cabin that didn’t have running water or cell service. If I had read these poems before that weekend, I would have been scared. Just kidding. This collection is beautiful and confirms that Dan Wriggins is a weird guy.”

—Joe Pera

Releases on Dear Life:

DLR 054: Prince of Grass

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