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JR Samuels is the moniker of Jon Samuels, a veteran in the northeastern DIY music scene for the better half of the decade. While living in Ithaca, Jon was a member of Izzy True, Therm, along with co-running Sweet Baby God Records. He has since relocated to Philadelphia where he plays bass in Friendship, guitar in Yowler, and 2nd Grade.

'In Brend' is his first proper solo release, a transcendent eight-song collection of solo improvisations for classical guitar.


"[In Brend] waxes and wanes with patient flow, the small scurrying notes set amid a wider, perhaps more important silence. The result is something that feels organic and alive, playful not in the ironic sense but rather that of the natural world, the way birds sit and dart and flutter with no purpose beyond that of being able, of being alive." - Jon Doyle, Various Small Flames

Releases on DLR:

DLR 003 - 'In Brend' (2019)

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