bootleg series

An ongoing series of limited-run bootleg cassette tapes highlighting live performances

design and layout by Jon Samuels

photo provided by the artist

Acid Tunnel (Live!) - Solo at The Mothlight 4/8/2018

Shane Parish

DLR BTL 003 - Cassette (25 copies)

September 4, 2020


Side A:

1. The Curse That Keeps on Giving (Live)

2. Soft Situation (Live)


Side B:

1.  A Drop of Blood is Passed From Hand To Hand (Live)


Recorded on a Zoom H1 Handy Recorder at The Mothlight in Asheville, NC, sharing a bill with The Messthetics.  All guitar sounds coming from Squier J Mascis Signature Jazzmaster played through a Fender Deluxe Reverb Amp.  FX Pedals: Boss RC-20 looper, Boss DD-3 Digital delay, custom fuzz, custom reverb, Fender Volume pedal, Electroharmonix Micro Pog, FullTone Supa-Trem Tremolo, Boss OC-3 Super Octave.  Mixed in Logic Pro X.

All profits donated to Beloved House in Asheville NC

Live @ Rhizome 2/14/20 & Live @ The Tomb 2/23/20

Jason Calhoun

DLR BTL 002 - Cassette (25 copies)

June 5, 2020


B. Richmond

Recording info - All synth tones generated by the Elektron Digitone, processed through the Elektron Octrack. all field recordings recorded on an iPhone 6, processed through Elektron Octatrack. Performance recorded directly to Tascam DR-05 via Elektron Octatrack. Elektron Digtone controlled by Korg Microkey midi controller.

All profits donated to Black and Brown Workers' Cooperative

design and layout by Jon Samuels

photo by Ben Calhoun

design and layout by Jon Samuels

photo by Bob Sweeney

Live @ Boot and Saddle 12/7/19


DLR BTL 001 - Cassette (25 copies)

April 17, 2020

A1. The Carter Starter

A2. I Can't Remember How Far Away You Were

A3. Town Meeting

A4. From A Bus Window In Central Ohio, Just Before A Thunder Shower

B1. Something I've Been Meaning To Tell You

B2. Your New Apartment

B3. Chantal

B4. That Feel (T. Waits)

Recording info - Recorded by Marc Prizer on a Tascam 4-track digital recorder @ 24/96, two vintage (circa early 70's) Neumann KM-84 mics + left and right stereo board feed. Mixed in Pro-Tools


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