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The world without parking lots

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'You'll Have To Take My Word For It' is the new album by The World Without Parking Lots, an ongoing recording project led by Chicago composer and multi-instrumentalist Ethan T. Parcell. Over the course of ten years, The World Without Parking Lots has taken the shape of a 13-piece free jazz orchestra to solo industrial noise, to soft tape texture and gentle songcraft. 

This new album comes off the heels of Parcell's four idiosyncratic operas with Focus Group LLC/Solutions, most recently The New County Choruses - a collection of corrupted folk songwriting with narration. You'll Have To Take My Word For It is Parcell's songwriting at its most distilled – a collection of altogether humble and domestic songs, laying out a worldview in short expressions of refuge and comfort in home and family. 

Ethan T. Parcell is a composer, artist and educator based in Chicago. His work explores ideas of smallness, hospitality, and union, and is realized primarily through composition and drawing. His compositions have been performed throughout the US and Canada by various soloists, ensembles, and youth organizations.

Releases on DLR:

DLR032 - You'll Have To Take My Word For It

Photo by Alan Maniacek

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