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The 2nd installment in our on-going bootleg series

We are making available the next installment in our bootleg series available to purchase today. It features two live performances by Ithaca-based ambient musician and co-head of the label Jason Calhoun. There are only 25 copies of the tape available, and once they are out they'll be out.

All proceeds from sales today on Dear Life will be donated to the Black and Brown Workers Cooperative. More info on the vital work they do in the Philadelphia community here:

Music, especially made and disseminated by white people, doesn't feel particularly important today. To all our white supporters, I recommend donating directly to local initiatives being led by black people in your community. Additionally, if are able to, join these communities at protests and demonstrations demanding justice and an end to violent policing. Listen to the leaders in your community and fill in the gaps of your knowledge. Show up prepared.

Here is a collection of texts I am starting to engage with.

I will share a massive resource for how to support over 1000 Black artists, producers, and labels today and beyond.*8fn6D9A0GdVxE-FoAlYzMg

A few artists I'll be supporting today:


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