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Prolific multi-instrumentalist Michael Cormier (drummer in Friendship and songwriter/guitarist in the instrumental ensemble Hour) writes modern folk songs about the contours of unrealistic hopes and expectations, along with impressionistic musings on his earliest, most ephemeral memories of childhood.

Having now released five records in less than two years, three solo albums, two with Hour and one with Friendship, Cormier is relentless, flitting intermittently from project to project and always, always delivering a sumptuous final product no matter which mask he dons.

Philadelphia art-rockers Friendship, the band he drums for, are signed to Advance Base’s Orindal Records label and their album ‘Shock Out of Season’ was released to wide acclaim in 2017. Hour is an instrumental ensemble where Cormier takes up the dual role of guitarist and songwriter. Their dreamy, ephemeral album ‘Tiny Houses’ featured among GoldFlakePaint’s favourite albums of 2018.  

Cormier released two solo albums synonymously in June 2019. The first, ‘Days Like Pearls’ is a record informed wholly by its subject matter. Based on fleeting memories from Cormier’s childhood years in Fairhaven, Massachusetts, the songs are filmic and foggy, the handheld camera zooming in and out, catching glimpses, snatches of conversation, the odd look here and there, the insect flying in the distance. The second, ‘M-F (Monday to Friday)’ is a love letter set within the 40 hour written for Cormier’s partner Meghan. The album fluently puts across the support they give to one another, lifting each other up when the stresses of work bleed into the everyday.

In all Cormier's music is a soothing transient rabbit hole to burrow yourself in and one you won’t want to emerge from anytime soon. 

words by Paddy Kinsella

Releases on DLR:

Brief Hold: Instrumentals Vol. 1

DLR 001 - Days Like Pearls (2019)

DLR 002 - M-F (2019)

photo by Abi Reimold


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